Congratulations to The Good Wife on their four Emmy nominations for outstanding performers in a Drama Series.


 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Nominations-

”I couldn’t believe our amazing storyline in the first season. If it wasn’t on the page, it wasn’t on the page.  But to dig into these characters now –it’s amazing that there’s still so much to say, and it’s hard to keep that momentum going in later seasons.” As far as making her foray as director on an episode, which her co-star Josh Charles did this past season, I’ve been asked to co-direct, which might be interesting, however, I’m the rare actor who prefers to produce. I like putting the cast together and finding material. There’s too much going on (as an actor) if I had to direct. I wouldn’t have time in the editing room.  Maybe theater one day.”- Julianna

”I’m at my home in Connecticut, and took a swim this morning — I stayed away from the phone! It’s a great honor, but a little sad to not see [Good Wife creators] the Kings not get recognized. My feeling is that Josh, Julianna and I are recognized because of them. I’m given such great material, phenomenal material, really. If they pass you the ball, you run with it. If ever there was a year, I really thought it was this year. … The surprise of Will Gardner’s death was a gut-punch. It’s an extra tribute to the show that people can get so involved, even in its fifth year. It represents the best of what we can do as writers and performers. The acting is understated and subtle, which is our greatest strength, but people may not get how hard making 22 episodes a year truly is. But, as my agent says, ‘This is a time to be happy!’ And with everything going on in the world, getting dressed up and having your photo taken is better than a sharp stick in the eye!”- Christine


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Alicia "actual puppy" Florrick

Julianna Margulies - Ten Nominations for Emmy Awards

Julianna Margulies & Josh Charles Step Out After Emmy Nominations!

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1/10 Favorite Female Characters

"You are saint Alicia. I know you don’t like that, but you are.”

 I’m still supposed to be tense with you remember?

TCA Press Conference - 7.14.14


Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce - Official Trailer (х)

First official promotional picture
First official promotional picture

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The girls(and guys) of Girlfriend’s guide to divorce!

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Introducing the ladies of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce